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Once you subscribe (by paying with your Debit or Credit Card, via PayPal), we then send to you your Invitation Code, which will arrive by email. With the Invitation Code, enter it into the Sign Up form to setup your account on our TalentHub (seen at

We do not have access to your sensitive payment information, such as card number or expiry, only PayPal does.

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2. Check your Email for the Invitation Code

Make sure you check your SPAM and TRASH email boxes, and you will find your Invitation Email from us (see example in the image). You need the Invitation Code within the email to be able to sign up/create an account on our TalentHub.

3. Enter the Invitation Code on TalentHub Sign Up form.

You enter the Invitation Code, found in your email received, into the TalentHub Sign Up form (see in above image). You can see the sign up form, where you require your Invitation Code to be entered (you need to scroll down the page) here >.

4. Once you sign up with your Invitation Code, message any naked cleaner in your state freely.

Once you enter your Invitation Code, you are then able to message freely, any naked cleaner in your state. The platform enables privacy and functions as a complete messaging platform. There is no need to exchange any private details such as phone number if you prefer.

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